Fee Schedule

Fees for School Year 2021 to 2022

Registration Fee   (payable on Registration): BD 175

Book Fees – for Nursery 2 only   (payable on Registration):   BD22

Term 1    (payable by 15 August):    BD 285

Term 2    (payable by 15 November):    BD 285

Term 3    (payable by 15 February):    BD 285

Fee Policies

  • Fees are payable by cheque, cash, or benefit pay.
  • Fees are payable by term and must be paid by the date stated on the school Fee Schedule due date.
  • We do not accept monthly/part payments.
  • We are unable to accept post-dated cheques.
  • Fees not paid by the due date will result in the child’s place being reallocated.
  • Fees are due for the entire term regardless of absences or holidays.
  • The registration fee is a one time payment to register at the nursery and is non-refundable.

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