Pre-Nursery (Age 1-2 years)

In pre-nursery, we emphasis on teaching social development and physical skills. Children are taught to share games stories and music etc., and are encouraged to start feeding themselves. They should leave this room capable of sitting socially at a table to eat, and be able to feed themselves. At this age, in conjunction with the wishes of the parents, we introduce potty/toilet training and bathroom hygiene. We encourage development of hand-eye co-ordination with the aid of first jigsaws and easy board games, and the children begin to learn about colors, counting and to enjoy stories and nursery rhymes, which aids in language development and listening skills.

Nursery 1 (Age 2-3 years)

In nursery 1, we introduce the children to more detailed activities. They are encouraged to interact together in playing and sharing toys. Potty training is continued and most children leave this class fully competent to attend to their own needs. The children learn about life through a themed programme which helps them to develop their creative and social skills as well as advancing their knowledge of counting, colours and literacy.

Nursery 2 (Age 3-4 years)

In nursery 2, the children continue to learn about life through a more advanced themed programme where a higher priority is given to language, mathematics and social development, as well as creative and scientific activities. Each child is treated as an individual and is assessed as to his/her own capabilities and encouraged to develop at their own pace.

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