We have a large selection of books in our library, which allows your children to relax and have story time with their friends and teacher, or they can pick their own books to look at and go through individually with the help of their teacher.

Dining Room

All meals are taken in our dining room.  This allows the children to sit at a table with their friends and develop skills of feeding themselves and enhance their social skills.  Meals need to be ordered on a monthly basis.  All meals are supplied by Fine Foods.  They are made of healthy ingredients, and are kept at the correct temperature until given to your child.  Please ensure you inform us of any food allergies your child might have so that we can order specially prepared food suitable for your child.

Play Areas

With our large gardens we provide separately gated play areas that are all shaded.  We have a large sand pit filled with beach sand for digging and building sand castles, a play area with thick safety rubber tiles for climbing,  sliding, ride-on toys, rocking toys and play houses, and numerous imitation grass areas for running, sitting and having picnics.  All outside play areas have be safety proofed with padding to wall corners, metal supports, safety fences and gates and on sun shade support posts.  The play areas are all monitored by CCTV, and having the safety gates means that we can confine groups of children to one area at a time for close safe monitoring. Our play areas are designed for maximum safety for your child to interact with their friends and  develop social skills along with gross motor skills through play.

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